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Karolina Wegrzyn is a Polish singer, accordionist and song collector; hailing from the Sub-Carpathia (south east) region of Poland. Karolina grew up surrounded by folk tradition; heavily influenced by her grandmother, who coached generations of local youngsters in traditional Polish song and dance.

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Karolina has since become interested in, and performs folk music from other surrounding countries; such as Ukraine, Slovakia and the Balkan states, as well as music from nomadic tribes that settled in and around Eastern Europe; such as the Lemko people and the Roma communities. She learned to sing in an ancient technique of white voice (otherwise known as scream singing). She also collects forgotten songs and stories by meeting with elderly citizens of her native communities.

Her awards include a bursary from the Polish Ministry of Culture and Heritage, Grand Prix award at the Rzeszów Institute of National History and a bronze medal from Polish Photographic Society. In 2021 she took a third prize at one of the most important Folk Festivals in Poland, The True Musician's Tournament in Szczecin. Since then she's been taking part in accomplished artist Tereza Buskova's street performances based on Czech traditions, as well as performing at Symphony Hall in Birmingham

In Subcarpathian countryside people are very proud and impulsive, perhaps that is why their folk traditions are still alive. Music is loud and cheerful, therefore dancing traditions are also strong, especially during festivities, such as harvest celebrations, Christmas and New Year’s carnival. Since very little Karolina used to dress up in traditional costumes and perform traditional winter “Herody” display with such characters like King Herod, death, devil and the three kings. Today, she regularly visits elderly citizens of her native region to record and collect old folk songs.

Karolina has participated in many traditional music workshops, i.e. OVO Foundation; Borderland Music (Muzyka Kresów) or Summer School of Traditional Music in Lublin. She taught herself to play accordion and hammered dulcimer and since performs regularly between Poland and United Kingdom.

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